According to the OECD, basic income (BI) is not an effective tool for reducing poverty. However, the outcome would depend on the model chosen for implementing a BI system, as well as the changes made in other parts of social protection.   The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) published in May a Policy […]

The Finnish basic income experiment and the persons selected to participate in it have attracted considerable public interest. While such interest is understandable, the participants should not be approached any more than they would otherwise be in order not to distort the results of the experiment. From a research standpoint, it is clear that any […]

 The research team hopes that Finland will over the coming years try out  different types of basic income arrangements.   The research team that worked on the Finnish basic income experiment submitted its final report to the Government on 16 December 2016. The first stage of the Finnish basic income experiment will be launched at […]

A discussion of the reasons behind the choice of experimental design On 25 August 2016 the Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs and Health sent out for comments a legislative proposal on the basic income experiment. As could be expected, initial reactions to it have been highly critical. As is the case with most matters of […]